The Journey Begins!

“If were going to do it, let’s just jump right in and do it.”

So, without further ado, Sean and I are in the process of becoming licensed Foster Care parents with the hopes and prayers of adoption.

Over the past year God has been doing some serious work in the heart’s of Sean and I. Last summer a gem of a mamma at our church shared with me that she and her husband were going to adopt a little guy who was about to be 1. Inspiring right? Well, at that time she had a 1st grader, twins that just turned 2 and a baby who was 6 months old. I told you she’s a gem!! My face must have looked shocked because she said to me “I know there’s other families who can give him more attention, more toys, or a bigger house. But what if we are his only chance of knowing Jesus? What if the next family he goes to doesn’t believe in the Lord?” WOAH!!! Talk about perspective, and more importantly, a huge massive heart for the kingdom. I have heard those words on repeat everyday since and it truly sparked a curiosity in my heart to find out more about the whole foster care/adoption thing. Sean and I talked about it a lot, prayed together and individually,  and both decided that we needed more info before we go and make any huge commitments. We were both 1000% on board with loving any and every kiddo that needed loved. However, Sean was worried about the logistics of it all; what happens if we had a foster care kiddo but got new jobs and had to move? What do we do when/if the foster child gets removed from our home? He’s more of “get all the information then make a decision” type of person. And I’m a “let’s go for it and learn as we go” type of person. Neither is overly right or overly wrong; God knew we needed each other for balance. I appreciate Sean’s desire to listen and obey God’s voice and to lead our family. Sean’s caution has protect our family, and my heart, more times than I can count, even when in the moment I didn’t understand.

Fast forward a few months and it’s now December 2017. We moved from our house in Xenia to Lebanon to live with my brother and his family (Joel, Shelby and sweet boy Jude). The 5 of us lived together until April of 2018. Obviously we couldn’t do foster care living in someone else’s house, but that didn’t stop the desire stirring within me. We loved living with Joel, Shelby and Jude but we were ready to take the next step in creating our own little family. We moved into our current apartment the weekend after Easter and it’s the perfect space for us! We have a second bedroom that served as a “catch all” space for a while and I hated it. 1. Because I don’t like stuff. If there isn’t a place for it then we don’t need it. MINIMALIST FOR LIFE!  2. Because it wasn’t an office or guest room. I knew in my heart that that room needed to be a nursery. A space for a child that needs love. A child that needs to be rocked to sleep. A child that needs to feel safe. A child that NEEDS to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the creator of the universe created him/her to be loved and with purpose! So, we followed Gods calling, made phone calls, filled out some paperwork (lots of paperwork) and were assigned a Home Assessor from Montgomery County.

Fast forward to Tuesday, September 18, 2018. We met with our assigned Home Assessor to get fingerprints and set our class schedules. We had planned on doing Saturday classes but after looking at the schedule we realized that we’d miss the first 2 classes. Our assessor looked at us and said “Well, what are you doing Thursday? Want to start then?” I answered “YES!!” immediately. And you should have seen Sean’s face. He was shocked (remember he likes to take his time to make decisions)!! We talked a lot that night, and prayed even more. And we felt confident that this is exactly where God has been leading us the past year. To this exact moment. Remember what I said in the beginning? “If were going to do it, let’s just jump right in and do it.” So on Thursday September 20th we started our very first foster care class!!! We go every Thursday and starting October 30th we will go Tuesdays AND Thursdays. With being able to take 2 classes a week we will be 100% finished with all classes on November 15th!

Guys. God is good. Seriously so so SO GOOD!! We know this journey is going to be emotional, challenging, frustrating and straight up HARD. But we trust that the Lord has led us here for a purpose and we are so excited to see where this journey will lead us and the kiddos who will soon be entering our home.

Thank you for reading our story about how God has brought us to this place. I’ll be doing updates frequently for those of you who want to navigate this unfamiliar territory with us. Thank you so so much to our family and friends who have been so supportive of us and have never stopped loving and praying with us every step of the way! We love you all!

11 thoughts on “The Journey Begins!

  1. You 2 will be AMAZING parents to any child that gets placed with you! You have always had a huge heart for kids and I know my boys enjoyed hanging out with you and Sean! Good luck on your journey and I will keep you in my prayers!


  2. 😭 I’m reading this with tears in my eyes! I really needed to read this today because I’ve been stressed here lately, wondering whether or not we’ve made the right decision. This morning I was listening to the Bible and praying and I feel like this is the right decision and this just helped to reaffirm it. That’ quote plays in my head everyday as well and every time I’m stressed. I think “what if he could have had a different/better family” but I also think he’s meant to be here and he’s here for a reason, if we can teach him about Jesus and help him to teach others then maybe that’s our purpose here 😃 I think that you and Sean will be great foster/adoptive parents and I’m so glad that you guys are doing this! God made us cross paths for a reason, you’ve been awesome with the kids and became a great friend!!!!! Know that your appreciated and that your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed 😊


  3. You and Sean are PERFECT for this. Adoptive parents are immensely special. You just proved it. ❤️God will bless you for this sacrifice! This little person(s) is in for the best family ever to have, all of you! ~ John & Cathy


  4. I am excited for you and Sean. I know it will be rewarding yet it might be challenging and heart wrenching. But you know the path you are going and you know this is God lead. The devil will try to place doubt in your hearts , but you got us praying and cheering you on. Stay firm and keep the faith. We love you guys and can’t wait to see what the future reveals. May God Bless You!!! 😘😘😘


  5. He is so good! I’m excited to see how He provides, sustains, and strengthens you both in this journey of becoming more like Him! What a special place God has been preparing for some little boy/s and or girl/s : )


  6. Lauren, I just happened upon this blog and am so excited for you and Sean. You sound like an amazing couple who will be a blessing to the child or children placed with you. I worked with your Mamam at Greene County Family Services. She was a Godly model for me and I loved her. She would be so very proud of you and this decision you and Sean have made. May God bless you and your redefined family.


    1. Sandy, I dont know how I misses your comment months ago, but I deeply appreciate it! I remember Mammam talking about her friend Sandy, how cool that you found my small space in the blogging world (if thats even a thing lol) Thank you for your supportive words towards my husband and I, but more importantly, thank you for sharing the love and friendship you had with my Mammam. I needed to hear it today!!


  7. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive
    the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog.
    A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.


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